Our chicken coops provide your chickens with protection from both predators and the elements.They make feeding and watering less of a chore and have an outside easy-access egg collection door. They are also wired for electricity and have a easy-to-clean floor. You have to see these coops to understand the quality construction, thought and attention to detail that goes into each one. Learn more


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Our Animals


You can stop in and feed the goats any time! Even when the zoo is closed, our goats would love it if you patted their heads and gave them food! You can even watch them climb the tower!

‚ÄčAll we ask is that you stay in the area on the highway side of their pen and our barn. The area behind the barn and store are closed to the public when our zoo is not open.

Our Coops

Petting Zoo & Store


Our petting zoo and store are closed until fall 2018. The zoo will be open in Sept. & Oct. and the store will be open from Sept. till Christmas. Make plans to visit us then!