Our chicken coops provide your chickens with protection from both predators and the elements.They make feeding and watering less of a chore and have an outside easy-access egg collection door. They are also wired for electricity and have a easy-to-clean floor. You have to see these coops to understand the quality construction, thought and attention to detail that goes into each one. Learn more

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Things to Know:

Our 2018 Zoo Season has ended!


The zoo is now closed until Spring 2019. 

​You can still feed the goats in the pen by the barn, but please stay in the area on the highway side of their pen and our barn. The area behind the barn and down the private drive are closed to the public.


Big News! We’re going to be changing our red store into a little nightly/weekend rental home. Are you going to have out-of-town wedding guests, family reunions, or just want a mini-vacation at a petting zoo? We will have you covered. Our goal is to have it open for business by Spring 2019. It will sleep 6-8 people and we’re going to call it “Herman’s House” after Herman Brendel, the man who built it.

This doesn’t mean that our store is closing! We’re going to be building a smaller shop, but it’s going to be solely for the awesome local-made, quality, one-of-a-kind products that we are lucky enough to currently have in our store.

Our Coops

​We're building a new store!

Our new little store will be devoted to locally produced items! Jams, jellies, honey, mustard, crocheted and knitted items, baby quilts, candles, signs and even things like hand-carved wooden spoons! Located in our front lot, the store will be open when our petting zoo is open in the spring and in the fall.