Coops vs. Tractors -- What's the difference?

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Westphalia Trading Co. Coops:

  • are built with a protective flooring (similar to a vinyl floor) that makes clean-out of the coops easier
  • provide mobility
  • protection from both predators and the elements
  • make feeding and watering less of a chore
  • have an outside easy-access egg collection door
  • are wired for electricity, including an outlet that can be used for a freeze-proof waterer or a timed light, to keep chickens laying all winter long
  • can be customized - you pick the color scheme or any other special feature you may want.

Our coops are built to last with:

  • Quality materials

  • Craftsmanship

  • Pressure-treated lumber

  • Screws instead of nails

  • Real lumber, not plastic and particle board

cottage coops

Chicken Coops have a solid floor and aren't generally moved around. Coops are stationary and have some type of outside pen for the chickens to graze. Chicken tractors have no floor and is designed to be moved to a new location 1-2 times a week, providing the chickens with fresh grass, while fertilizing your lawn or garden.

Mini Coops