Westphalia Trading Co. Coops:

  • are built with a protective flooring (similar to a vinyl floor) that makes clean-out of the coops easier
  • provide mobility
  • protection from both predators and the elements
  • make feeding and watering less of a chore
  • have an outside easy-access egg collection door
  • are wired for electricity, including an outlet that can be used for a freeze-proof waterer or a timed light, to keep chickens laying all winter long
  • can be customized - you pick the color scheme or any other special feature you may want.

Our coops are built to last with:

  • Quality materials

  • Craftsmanship

  • Pressure-treated lumber

  • Screws instead of nails

  • Real lumber, not plastic and particle board

Mini Coops


Easy egg-gathering door              Roost poles and easy-clean floor               Built-in feeder

The Mini Coop is 4 x 8 feet. The run area is covered to provide shade in the summer months. This coop features a sliding door between the shelter and run that is opened from outside the coop with the pull of a rope. This coop moves as one unit and will house 6-8 layers.